Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Blowing the budget...

I went grocery shopping last night- and I went over budget. *Sigh*.

I can say that there was uncounted for expenses- I had to buy laundry detergent, which I tend to forget to plan for, tea for Brian and Mapleine- so those things add up to $9. and I only went $5.48 over- so all in all, that's not too bad.

So Walmart yesterday: $39.06
Total for the month: $125.48/120.00
WIC total: $69.60

Total grocery bill (including WIC) for the month: $195.08

I will say that when I do these "pantry challenges" I tend to look at it as a game and of course, when I stay in budget I'm the winner! I would like to say that then I go spend the extra $$ on something fun... but for some reason unexpected expenses always come up at that time. I feel like stomping my feet and pouting-- I worked hard to save that money! But at the same time, God is good and it is a blessing that we have extra money when we have extra expenses.

I am planning on doing this again next month, I think I only used about 1/2 of what is stockpiled in my pantry, but I think I will set my budget a bit higher- I would like to eat other veggies, instead of just green beans!

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