Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Last Friday when I had to bake an amazing amount of bread, I borrowed cookie sheets from friends. One of my friends loaned me all her stoneware. I was excited to use it, as I just ordered some for myself from The Pampered Chef but my ordered hasn't arrived yet. I have been trying to get away from non-stick cookware and move to healthier options. It's been slow, just because cookware of any kind is expensive. But I have gotten to where the only teflon I had was in my baking sheets, muffin tins, bread pans and one skillet. I was able to get all the stoneware I wanted- pizza stones (which will double as cookie sheets), loaf pans, muffin pans and I got a stainless steel skillet with lid from them- which I am excited to use. I do have a large cast iron skillet, which I really like, but couldn't find a lid for it.
Here is an article on the dangers of teflon, and teflon is in anything that claims to be non-stick.
As I was baking the bread, I was surprised at the difference in baking with a stone- I took a picture of it:
The bread on the stoneware rose and baked so pretty! You can see on the regular baking sheet, the bread didn't rise as much.
I can hardly wait for my order to come and I can use stoneware with everything!


Raygon said...

wow! i can not believe the difference! How big is the stoneware you used? how many rolls did you fit on it? i think i might ask for one for my upcoming birthday. thanks for the heads up on the teflon too. good to be informed.

Rachel said...

It was a 15" round stone. I could fit about 5 rolls on the outer edge and 1 in the middle. And they were big rolls. I made biscuits this morning and could fit one batch on the stone- so about as much as a regular cookie sheet.
I ordered two 15" round stones with handles and just got them (woo hoo!) but I plan to use them for all the cookies, rolls, pizza, etc- that I would normally use a baking sheet/cookie sheet for. It's the biggest stone they have, I would have gotten a rectangular one if they had a bigger one, just because I bake such a large amount of stuff, but I think these will do nicely.
They are heavier though and I can't take them in and out one-handed, so that will take some getting used to.

Sasha said...


So have you used the loaf pans from Pampered Chef yet? I'm looking at buying one, but am curious if they bake bread better then the regular pans I use.

Rachel said...

I don't know that they work better but I do feel better about using them. They do stick less, which I am impressed with. The bread pans are wider than the teflon ones that I had, so the loaves don't come out quite as high, but I am really happy with all my stoneware and would recommend it to anyone.

Sasha said...

Thanks for the info, Rachel. You helped to answer my questions. I absolutely love your blog!



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