Friday, April 4, 2008

April Menu

Well, I have used my pantry down to very little... I basically have a bunch of dried beans, some rice, pumpkin puree, tuna, tomato soup, tomato sauce and marshmallows (and all my wheat/oats, etc). So this month I'm going to see how much I can actually get the grocery bill down to and still have some variety to the menu.

April Menu

4 PancakesTacos (leftovers)
5 Banana BreadGrilled CheeseMac & Cheese
6 Coffee CakeLentil ChiliSandwiches
7 PancakesTurkey dinner
8 OatmealTurkey soup
9 Zucchini BreadHash
10 PancakesSkillet Rice
11 OatmealPeanut Butter Rice
12 French ToastLentil ChiliTurkey Soup
13 Coffee CakeMac & Cheese w/ hot dogsLeft overs
14 PancakesEgg Drop Soup
15 Oatmeal/GranolaGrilled Cheese
16 Zucchini Bread, eggsCreamed Tuna over Rice
17 PancakesLentil Chili
18 MuffinsBlack Bean Soup
19 WafflesGrilled CheesePizza
20 Coffee CakeMac & CheeseChili Dogs
21 PancakesSkillet Lasagna
22 OatmealEgg Drop Soup
23 ToastFried Rice
24 MuffinsGrilled Cheese
25 PancakesStroganoff
26 Hootenanny PancakesPizzaLentil Chili
27 Coffee CakeMac & CheeseSandwiches
28 PancakesSpicy Peanut Butter Noodles
29 Oatmeal, eggsTurkey Soup
30 Banana BreadSteak-bit Spaghetti


Jennilyn said...

So does Brian ever think, "Hmmm, wonder what's for dinner? I know, I'll check my wifes online menu!"

Rachel said...

LOL! I doubt it-- he could care less what's for dinner- he never craves anything, he says he doesn't think about it, because he knows whatever it is, it will be good. :-) Isn't he sweet? Maybe I should try to confuse him sometime...
(I will say though that he gets on the blog just to see what the "count" is up to and if there are any new dots on the map.)


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