Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Not Posting Much...

Just thought I would give you all a "heads up". I haven't been posting too much and probably won't over the next couple weeks. For one, blogger seems to have issues with uploading pictures- does anyone else have problems? I do have a MAC, so I don't know if they're clashing or what, but it's a head ache for me.

The other reason is, we are remodeling our kitchen... and somehow I got the pictures to upload this time, so you can see the mess!

This is what it looked like on Saturday:

And then after my dear husband got it cleaned up so I could cook again:

We live in an old house (1882) and are making the kitchen bigger, so we knocked down a wall and can't let Naomi crawl around in there, for fear of her eating the insulation or other unknown garbage that is hiding in the exposed areas.

I'll try to post some pictures when I can- this is looking like a couple months of work!


The Pace Posse said...

Oh - yeah for you!
We just remodeled our kitchen last fall - and I LOVE it. It is so much more functional.

I can't wait to see the after pictures.

Liz's Random Thoughts said...

I still feel sorry for N..lol:)
Looks better after Brian cleaned it up:)
And I normally have issues w/ blogger and uploading pics...I think blogger just hates us uploading pics...<3<3

Rachel said...

Good luck with your kitchen!
And the pictures are working OK on my end.


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