Friday, February 1, 2008

February Menu

February Menu

Fri. 1 Banana BreadPasta & Spicy Peanut Sauce
Sat. 2 SconesMexican Meat & RiceOutside plans
Sun. 3 Coffee CakeChicken BurgersSuperbowl Party
Mon. 4 PancakesHash and Eggs
Tues. 5 ToastLentil Chili
Wed. 6 Baked OatmealCheese Delight
Thurs. 7 Rice PancakesTurkey Dinner
Fri. 8 Banana BreadSombrero Pie
Sat. 9 Simple SconesTuna Ring with Cheese SauceHam Dinner
Sun. 10 Coffee CakeItalian Beans and RiceLeftovers
Mon. 11 PancakesChinese Goulash
Tues. 12 ToastPorcupine Meatballs
Wed. 13 Applesauce OatmealMeat & Egg Sandwich
Thurs. 14 Breakfast SconesChicken Caruso
Fri. 15 Zucchini BreadHam Pie
Sat. 16 Coffee CakeGrilled Cheese SandwichesTexas Hash
Sun. 17 Cold CerealTaco Lentils and RiceSandwiches
Mon. 18 PancakesTuna Noodles Romanoff
Tues. 19 ToastTurkey Soup
Wed. 20 Baked OatmealDinner in a Dish
Thurs. 21 MuffinsSwedish Meatballs
Fri. 22 Banana BreadChinese Beef and Rice
Sat. 23 SconesAfrican Safari PilafSour Cream Enchiladas
Sun. 24 Coffee CakeMac & Cheese w/ HamSandwiches
Mon. 25 PancakesPizza
Tues. 26 ToastMeatballs with Sour Cream Gravy
Wed. 27 Baked OatmealBean, Cheese and Rice Squares
Thurs. 28 MuffinsGrandma's Casserole
Fri. 29 Zucchini BreadSkillet Lasagna

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