Monday, February 4, 2008

Mexican Hamburger Rice Bake

Another one of the sites I've been looking through lately is The Family Homestead.

I haven't been able to look at all of it, she has alot of info on there, but I did find some good sounding recipes- this is one of them. And it was good! The boys said it was a "little spicy", but I thought it was great- and Naomi ate it too and didn't seem to mind the spiciness.

Mexican Hamburger Rice

Ground meat: $2.
Rice: $.40
"Rotel" $.62
Tomato sauce $.30
Cheese: $.92
Meal Total: $4.24
(or with venison: $3.08)


Raygon said...

I am going to try this. We like spicy food! even my 2 year old. I have a question you usually use non-instant or instant oatmeal? I want to try your cranberry oat squares and baked oatmeal.
I look over your blog all the time, seriously....I am hooked! I love it. So informative.

Rachel said...

I just have the regular rolled oats- so not instant. Most of the time when recipes call for rolled oats, they mean "old fashioned" or "regular" meaning, non-instant. The only recipe book I've come across that used instant all the time was "Feed Me I'm Yours".
I used to get the instant oatmeal because I thought it was so much faster, but it really wasn't- the difference being when you add the oats:
Instant oatmeal: Bring water and salt to boil, add oats, turn off burner.
Rolled Oats: Bring everything (water, salt, oats) to boil, stir, turn off burner.
Hope that helps!

Liz's Random Thoughts said...

Did you ever know that your blog is torture to look at when your hungery?;)
The mexican hamburger rice bake sounds good, how much does it make?


Rachel said...

To know that I torture people.. ah, such fulfillment. LOL
It makes a 9x13 pan full. So, with your brothers, you might want to double it. :-)

Raygon said...

thanks! you are a wealth of knowledge. i appreciate your help. by the way, I made the oatmeal squares this morning....delicious! thanks!


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