Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tightening the belt

Well, over the next year we are going to try to save at least $200 each month. Now, our budget is already pretty tight, so at least $100 is going to come from what was my grocery budget. THis means I'm going to either have to get really creative or eat alot of mac and cheese... and since Brian isn't a huge fan of mac and cheese, plus, it's really unhealthy- I guess it's creative time!
First, I'm going to to cook out of my pantry, as much as possible. On a good note, I've been stocking the pantry and have lots of beans and rice and there's plenty of meat in the freezer (4 turkeys and venison). 
Cooking of this tight of a budget means menu planning-- I like to plan breakfast, lunch (on the weekends) and dinners for a month at a time.
I have tried to do that here, but I can never get it laid out the right way with the html code... so I'll have to work on that. Until then, I guess you just get to see what we ate as we go along. By the way-- I'll be working with a $200 food budget each month-- this also has to cover diapers/wipes for Naomi.

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