Friday, December 7, 2007

Crab Apple Jelly

We have a Crab apple tree in our back yard. The last 2 years it has really produced. But it's peak is in August-- the hottest time of the year! So I juice them then, because I do want to make jelly, but I don't want to stand over the hot stove all day. I was feeling sorry for all the women before AC and freezers were invented. Anyway, I juiced them and stuck all the juice in the freezer so I can make jelly on cold days that I don't mind the heat of the stove.
I like the use the "Low Sugar" pectin-- it uses almost 1/2 the amount of sugar to make the jelly (4 cups rather than 9 cups!) and I don't notice a difference in taste.
I have had to start giving my jelly a "water bath"-- boil them for 10 minutes, in order to get them to seal properly. 10 years ago when I started making jelly, I would put the hot jelly in the jars, screw the lids on tight, turn them upside down for 5 minutes, then set them aright and they would seal. They must be making the seals different than they used to- because lately, only 1/2 of my jars have been sealing. So this time I gave them a 'hot water bath' and they all sealed perfectly. I'm so relieved! These are just a part of the Christmas baskets I'm making for Brian's boss's.

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