Monday, November 30, 2009

Homemade Gift Carnival

***Don't forget to add your own gift ideas- leave a comment, or link to your own blogpost!***

I love food gifts.
I love food.
When I love someone, I want to give them food.
I feel loved when I get food.
And a big plus: it doesn't clutter up the house.
(I've been working on keeping things clean/decluttered and have been blogging about it here.)

My friend Cara posted on her blog the other day, about homemade gifts. She linked to a Handmade Gift Carnival at The Nourishing Gourmet. I really enjoyed browsing through the gift ideas and got some great ones I'm going to try this year!

I typically make up some gift boxes, for employers and friends. Here is a post I did when I first started blogging.
I typically make Gingerbread Men (with frosting), Crab Apple Jelly, and some kind of bread. I have used Whole Wheat Bread and Swedish Raisin Rye Bread.

Last year I included Brian's Muesli and some Peanut Butter Granola, along with some coffee that our friend roasts himself (if you ask for his info in a comment I would be happy to pass it on via email!! He's wonderful with it!).

For teachers we've put a couple gingerbread men into Wilton Clear Party Bags.

So... for the first time ever I am branching out and doing a carnival of my own.
What do you do for homemade gifts and food gifts? Please blog about it and put your link here using Mister Linky:


Lynn said...

What a fun post, and so many links to check out! I'll add mine to the carnival :)

Rachel said...

Thanks Lynn!

RPH said...

I am totally with you on the food. I love how you phrased it, about getting and giving food and people we love.

I think I am going to do your gingerbread men for teachers this year. thanks for sharing.


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