Friday, November 27, 2009

Deal on Coconut Oil

Cara wrote about a coupon code for Tropical Traditions. I would encourage you to check out their Black Friday deal!! I'm going to be ordering some oil myself. She gets credit if you use her referral code, so I would encourage you to do that. :-)

The $10 off coupon code is good till midnight Nov. 29th, so check it out!


Cara said...

Thanks! your mom ordered through me :)

Rachel said...

No problem! :-) She liked what I made with the coconut oil.

RPH said...

I am thinking of ordering some of this. I have used coconut oil for a while and this seems like a good dea. Should I contact your friend, or just order from the website? Too bad I missed the black friday sale.


Rachel said...

Here's her link if you want to use her referral code. Not necessary, but I know she appreciates it. :-)


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