Thursday, July 31, 2008

Blog posts and articles: Saving money on the grocery bill

MSN Money Can a family eat on $100 a week?

The $200 mission: another budget challenge

LivingAlmostLarge: Hillbilly Housewife $70/week

Heavenly Homemakers: Getting Real with Food (Scroll towards the bottom of the page to begin at the first of the series.)

A Life at Home: How I Feed my Family of 8 for $300 a month (series)

Down to Earth: Save money - make a plan


Duncan & Suzanne said...

$400/month would be nice to have as a grocery budget, eh?

Rachel said...

It sure would! But for those who are used to more, I think it would take alot of work. :-)

And I even enjoy avocados. :-)

LAL said...

Thanks for the mention. As you read my blog and specifically my post, it really does depend on where you live. $100/week is not going to go as far in CA or NY or DC or Boston. Than say North Carolina, MS, etc.

So don't necessarily look down on people spending a lot. See where they live and how many people they are feeding.

LAL said...

LAL here no idea how to contact you, but I was hoping to ask a few questions about doula. Could you email me at livingalmost at gmail dot com?
Thank you very much

savvysuzie said...

Thanks for the link! It definitely depends on where you live - I am in Massachusetts (but not in the immediate Boston area) and I'm getting VERY close to my $200 monthly goal...but it is NOT easy and you do have to make certain concessions to live on that budget...though lucky for my little guy, avocados haven't been one of them :)


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