Thursday, January 13, 2011

Saturday Scones

I sat down the other day thinking about scones. I like scones. I guess it started when I was a teenager and started collecting teacups and then continued when I got married and had my own home, where I would try all kinds of recipes. I made scones and had friends over for afternoon tea. I don't remember any of the scones being incredible, but I enjoyed them all.
A few years ago when our daughter was born, a friend came by with a gift and scones. They were the best scones I had ever had! They come from a bakery here in town and I've tried hard to recreate them, but I haven't gotten there yet. I did find a recipe that is excellent, so I will share that on our first Saturday, and I will adjust the recipe as I try different types of scones.
I have almost 50 scone varieties on my list of ones to try. Which means, I should be able to do a year of "Saturday Scones". How delicious!! So, come on back every Saturday and see what's cooking! (Er... baking.)


Janet said...

The kids and I just made a large scone on Monday! We made a plain big round one with jam inside. For our first try, it was delicious. However, I must confess, I used 4 tablespoons of white sugar and 1/2 of the flour was white, and of course the jam had white sugar in it. I am going to try to use more natural ingredients. I did use coconut oil. It was homemade and gloriously easy. The kids were impressed. We have requests for scones for breakfasts and tea times now.

Rachel said...

The scones I'm making have white flour too. I'm going to try wheat and honey, but I really like the "original" ones!


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