Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bib Making Project (A Shameless Plug)

Poor Titus, since he started eating solids when he was about 7 months old, has been wearing Naomi's bibs. Look how hard that has been on him- a boy, wearing purple. Sad.

So I decided to make some more... only my sewing machines are all broken down. You know, it's just not our year for things running! Brian's car broke down, all 3 of my sewing machines, the camera went out (probably not much posting until I get a new one). I really enjoyed picking out fabric for bibs and there was so many cute ones, so I bought extra and decided to put some on Etsy. You can check out our Etsy store here.

I cut them all out and then my lovely friend Cara invited me over and I used her surger to sew them up.

Then my friend Kristy brought over her sewing machine so I could sew all the velcro on.
I think I made 28 bibs altogether. Some for Naomi, some for Titus and some to sell.

So, maybe I'll make enough money to buy a little camera from a pawn shop. :-) I miss my camera!!

There, now Titus has some definitely boy bibs. :-)
Please stop by our Etsy store! Thanks!

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Cara said...

They look great!


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