Saturday, August 9, 2008

Homemade Laundry Soap

Ok, so this is a different type of cooking. :-) I've been looking into different soap options lately. We started going "No 'Poo" about 5 months ago and followed the advise from that article. So Brian and I just use baking soda to wash and then a vinegar/water rinse when we shampoo. We have both been happy with it, and it takes about the same amount of time to wash our hair.
I didn't have the boys use the baking soda, I thought it might be a little more difficult for them, so I found a Shampoo Bar for them. I got the Rosemary one, because I know lavender gives me a head ache. Rosemary is ok- I think the boys are finally getting used to it. I haven't found anything I like for Naomi yet- there are some good children's shampoos, but so far, what I found is not tear-less. So I'm still looking into that.
When I was ordering their shampoo bar I noticed the same gal had laundry soap. I like this for 2 reasons-- 1) it's much cheaper and 2) it doesn't have chemicals in it. I looked around online and found a few different variations to laundry soap recipes, but since I've never done it before I thought it might be good to try it before I invest in a large amount of laundry soap making supplies. So I bought her Laundry Soap Kit. Everything comes measured out and with easy instructions. I've been using it for a couple weeks now and the clothes come out nice. I'm not big into smells, so to me- they smell more like nothing-- well, I guess clean, because they don't stink! :-)
It was $4.25 + s/h but it made 2 gallons of soap. It says to use 1/2 c. in each load, but I have a HE front loading washer, so I've been using 1/4 c. and put a little vinegar in the "fabric softener" area and I think it's going to take me quite a while to get through 2 gallons! I have it in a bucket right now, but as soon as I find my funnel (boys...) I have 2 gallon milk jugs to keep it in.
BTW- when I took the picture before I started I had my big stock pot out- but I didn't need a big pot after all, just a saucepan.

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