Friday, April 2, 2010

Red Eggs for Greek Easter

Each year we dye our Easter eggs red- and only red. I explain why in my Easter post in 2008. I mentioned on Facebook that I was going to dye my eggs red and my friend Christina mentioned onion peels. I was curious and I found this site.
One problem- (this was last year) I only had 1 day till Easter and it called for the dry skins of 15 onions. I had 2 little onions. So, I peeled as much dry "paper" off them as I could, put them in a 4 1/2 qt. stainless steel pan with 2 TB white vinegar. I boiled it for 30 minutes, with a lid on. Let that cool- decided not to really strain the water, because after all, I only had the skins of 2 onions!
After the water cooled, I place in my eggs and then turned the burner back on to hard boil them- as they cooked they turned a beautiful crimson color.
These photos aren't edited- this is the real color of the eggs! I will never go back to food coloring again- God's natural colors are so much more vibrant!!
Another bonus- the color didn't come off on our hands when we held them and cracked them.


Sheila said...

Rachel, I love your Easter Egg post and they way you linked the two blogs to continue the story. You eggs are beautiful. Most, of all, I love the story. It's a wonderful witness and powerful testimony. My box of tissues and I both enjoyed it very much!!!

Rachel said...

Thank you Sheila!


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