Sunday, April 4, 2010

No Refined Sugar Easter

This was a little harder. Not harder than I anticipated, I think it was a little easier than I anticipated, but still, hard to say no. We have a breakfast at church on Easter, so I signed up to bring a bread/pastry. Now, I can make some killer cinnamon rolls and I probably would have if we hadn't been doing this challenge.
I made a coffee cake with whole wheat and honey instead of sugar and put some mixed berries on top. Thankfully we made it through the line in time to get some of it, because it disappeared fast. I giggled to myself. They had no idea they were eating something so good for them! Quiche, sausage and fruit was also served, so we just had to pass by the pastries. You know, we avoided alot more than just sugar doing that. We avoided alot of trans fat and white flour as well.
We did not eat ham for Easter dinner- Do they make ham without corn syrup? We ended up eating a roast. I made a fruit dip with maple syrup, vanilla and cream cheese for dessert.
Grandma came over... it was as I feared. "Sugar-free" candy. Which contained maltose and aspartame. I don't blame her- she really did try. I should have given her ideas- fruit leathers from the health food store, etc. When you don't know the names of refined sugars it's hard to tell. My cousin was diagnosed with diabetes when he was little and I learned then that anything ending with "ose" was a sugar. Later when I learned more about the dangers of sugar substitutes I learned the different names of them as well.

I found this information in the article Refined Sugar - The Sweetest poison of All...: (Thanks Cara!)
"Many of our principal foods are converted into glucose in our bodies. Glucose is always present in our bloodstream, and it is often called "blood sugar". Dextrose, also called "corn sugar", is derived synthetically from starch. Fructose is fruit sugar. Maltose is malt sugar. Lactose is milk sugar. Sucrose is refined sugar made from sugar cane and sugar beet. Glucose has always been an essential element in the human bloodstream. Sucrose addiction is something new in the history of the human animal."

It hasn't even been a week yet and I have noticed how many things contain sugar. It's amazing. Why? Why is sugar in everything?

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Cara @ Health Home and Happiness said...

This is good! Nice examples, church potluck things are an example of something I usually just avoid :) Good to be choosey


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