Monday, April 26, 2010

The Last Week Without Sugar

First of all. Let me just say that I am tired of cooking. Everything. 3 meals each day (or making bread for the following day's lunch) and I am tired of it.

Pepperoni: Dextrose

French Fries: Dextrose

Bacon: Some form of sugar (though not all brands, they're are a couple that don't. I heard Albertson's brand doesn't have any sugar)

Hot dogs: Um, yeah.

We will be quitting a day early- April 29th will be our last refined sweetener free day. April 30 is a "Breakfast with Buddies" at school and they typically serve Costco muffins and the boys really enjoy going. They have already missed out on Dairy Queen's buy 1 blizzard get the 2nd one for $.25 and then on Wednesday night I heard that Baskin Robins is having their $.31 per scoop deal. Yeah, the boys are seriously bummed about that. Now, in case you're wondering... we don't typically go out for treats like that or even watch for sales, but the boy have their own money and if they ask me in advance and choose to spend their money that way, sometimes we do. We had some friends that went out for Blizzards and thought of inviting us but then changed their mind when they remembered our "no sugar" deal. So... that's a bummer. We went out to eat 2 this month (Brian and I). We went to breakfast at Cracker Barrel. I figured as long as we stick with protein (eggs, sausage) we should be ok. I actually haven't looked up ingredients of sausage. It wouldn't surprise me if there was sugar... it does seem to be in everything.
Biscuits don't typically have sugar in them.
We went out to a Mexican place for a date. We had Nachos- I think that was safe.

Being tired of cooking, I was grocery shopping today and decided to get something easy: Hot dogs and Mac & Cheese. Yeah, real healthy. I didn't even bother looking at Kraft or generic Mac & Cheese and went straight for Annie's. No sweeteners. Hot dogs: Hebrew National is the only one that doesn't have sugar of some sort.
So... my "cheap" dinner:

2 boxes mac & cheese: $1.42 ea
1 pk. hot dogs: $3.98
Total: $6.82
That fed 6 of us, we were still hungry and it wasn't even that great. Maybe I'm being cleansed of junk food so it doesn't taste good anymore...

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RPH said...

Heavens! I have been following you here on your sugar free challenge. It is so hard, I agree! there is junk (not just sugar)in everything, unless we cook it ourselves and that is exhausting!!
You should be proud of yourself! You accomplished quite a task!

Bring on those Costco muffins! (we always get those for family reunions and my boys love them too!)


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