Saturday, July 11, 2009

French Toast

We have had a really busy summer so far! We vacationed in Estes Park, Colorado in early June and since then I've been trying to spend more time on the house than on the computer... so, not much for posting on here! We've hand textured the finished side of the kitchen and painted it. My mom came for a few days and helped me make a bi-fold door for my laundry closet, out of pallets. She's so good at making things!
I haven't really been working on many recipes, and the ones I have been working on still need some tweeking. Brian has been working on a cookbook though, it looks really pretty. I still haven't looked into printing/publishing. Anyone know anything about that or have tips?

Anyway- moving on to the recipe... I love French Toast! This is not the healthiest, just because I like using plain old white bread. I have used homemade whole wheat bread, and it's good, but I just like the texture when it's made with white bread.

French Toast
In mixing/measuring bowl beat:
5 eggs
1 TB vanilla
then pour in milk so it reaches the 4 cup mark and mix together.
2 loaves regular white bread
Quickly dip one slice of bread at a time, making sure to coat both sides. Fry on hot griddle 3-5 per side. Serve- YUMMY!

This uses about 36 slices of bread (1 1/2 20 oz. loaves) It's enough for our 6 big eaters (and Naomi is a big eater- she will eat 3 or 4 slices!) and 2 others- so 8 big eaters total.

Brian likes his with Cinnamon, so after I make a couple griddles of this type I sprinkle cinnamon into the milk mixture.

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aynzan said...

My children love this when pepper and salt is added instead of sugar! i find your blog very interesting with all those recipes my kids already enjoy !


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