Friday, May 7, 2010

What Luke Thought of Our "No Refined Sweeteners" Challenge

Rules: Absolutely no refined sweeteners.

Why did you decide to do this challenge?
I decided to do this challenge because I wanted to raise my math scores.
What did you enjoy most about the month?
I enjoyed having more fruit sauce on my pancakes.
What was the most surprising thing about this month?
My math grade went up two letter grades.
How did people react if you told them?
"Aren't you malnourished?" or "thats stupid".
What was the thing you disliked the most?
Having to skip out on a pizza party.
Did you notice any changes in yourself? (Emotions, thoughts, school work, physical?)
My math grades went up two letter grades.
Are there any changes that we made that you want to continue?
Not really.
Was this challenge hard?
Yes because just about everything has sugar.
Would you be willing to do this again? For how long? (another month, a year?)
Possibly for a month but never for a year (life was just to bland without sugar, and so were muffins).

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