Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cookin' Across America

The Local Cook is hosting "Cookin' Across America" contest to show different foods from different states. If you have a blog you can enter it this week and next week the voting starts.

I entered my Mom's Whole Wheat Bread recipe, since it is made using grain from our State.


Elisabeth LaMouria said...

Clicked on that link to enter....but to my dismay, they are not taking any more entries...missed it by 6 days. :-( Found your blog via another blogging friend, and LOVE your blog1 I love to cook too! I do a What's Cooking Wednesday each week to share recipes (link up w/MckLinky), come by on Wednesday and check it out. Oh, and do you ever do any boy's clothes w/Totoro? Our Fam loves all Miyazaki's films.

Rachel said...

Sorry you missed the contest Elisabeth! I have been really bad about getting posts on here regularly, but I'll try to hook up with your Wednesday posts sometime, thanks!
I have been thinking about doing some boy's pants or shorts with Totoro, but haven't yet. What sizes are you looking for? We like all the films too and our daughter loves Totoro. :-)
Thanks for coming by!


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