Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Yet Another Blog

So I started a new blog. It's my money making attempt.

In order to make money I do have to have an original blog post between each advertising post, so I will be writing things and posting pictures. I also need to have it going for 30 days before I start posting the ads.
I didn't want to do it on my cooking or family blog, just felt that it cheapens them a little- so I started a new one.
If you visit- Thanks!

Life in This Busy House


Beauty and Health Editor said...

Hi Rachel,

Actually, you could put one or two of the ads on your cooking or family blog. I only suggest this because I was reading a cooking blog about a year ago and they were making lots of money from wrtiting and posting their recipes (although it's not about the money), but every little penny helps, I guess.

You could give it a trial on your cooking blog and if you don't like the ads, just take them off.

Besides, a money making blog, just sounds too obvious to me, but do as you please however.

Rachel said...

Thanks- I have a friend who has been encouraging me to do it on my cooking blog as well, I just have it set up on Facebook to put a link out to all my followers once I do a blog spot and I didn't want to spam them and I did want it to be rather obvious.
I did however submit my cooking blog and didn't qualify, because you have to have 20 posts with in the last 90 days, and I hadn't done that. I have some more posts scheduled in the next 2 weeks, so I'll have to see if that meets my 20.


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